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news as of recent:

1. the prelim is passed. i learned after i passed that if you fail a prelim twice, you essentially get kicked out of grad school. erm...glad i learned that after, else i would have been more of a neurotic mess beforehand. anyhoo, this plus my current transcript sets me as being completely done with all of my classes and written exams--hurrah!

now, i only have orals and my dissertation and defense (not to mention um, picking a topic)...for some value of "only", anyway. o_O

2. the apartment i'm currently living in officially went to the waitlist of people looking to move into terrace view at the moment. i don't know if they've officially assigned it to someone else yet, but at any rate...i'm looking for a new place with kai. (...who i can hopefully coerce into actually helping me look for a place sometime before my current lease ends. *HINT*. *HINT*.)

3. my 1206 class seem nice, especially when i'm dealing with them in smaller groups...the sheer number of them still kinda terrifies me tho. lesson planning is still also kinda being a timesuck, and the building i'm in still kinda blows...but it's still early on i guess. and it seems like it might not end up being too bad. i'm hopeful at the moment.

4. completely don't remember what i was researching before my month o' functional analysis. this could be a problem, seeing as how i meet with my advisor tomorrow. >_<

5. not being in haskell's class is kinda nice, but i'm so fried from that prelim still that i don't know what to do with myself. i have the same horrible sleep schedule going that i usually haven't degraded to until midsemester, and about the same feeling of burnedoutness. i think my inability to take an actual longer-than-a-day break over winter break is catching up with me and i kinda don't give a crap...sigh.

one of these days, grad school will have been worth all the stress, right?

if only answers were simple and came to you when you asked, things would be easier. pondering over other things as well, but just don't have the energy to to bed.

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