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so, i wrapped up the semester...kinda. i theoretically was done with spring semester as of monday or tuesday last week when i submitted grades, but have had 10 of my kids contact me to point bargain. (if all it took was asking nicely for me to give you extra points, don't you think that i would have added them already? the median grade was a B- for chrissakes!) hopefully, the last e-mail that i got on saturday was actually the last e-mail that i'll get. *phew*

i've been meaning to get research done in the meantime,'s unfortunately been incredibly nice not doing work for a bit. so all this week i've essentially taken a break, save for dealing with my calc kids. oops.

i'm hoping being out of town will help w/ the work ethic. (i'm at a math conference in tn right now.) the trip down was...interesting, at least once i got off the interstate. this area (pigeon forge, sieverville, townsend) is southern as fuck. to get to townsend (woodcraft-gift-shop-and-log-cabin-rental-ville), you have to run a gauntlet of christian thrift stores, and gun outlets in sieverville and townsend.

favorite things from down here so far:

1. the gas station and tattoo place. (wut.)
2. sexy stuf...could you guys really not afford the extra "f" on the end?

sigh. off to bed. math (i.e., pretending i know what's going on) tomorrow!

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