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in a car full of math professors:
"why is the car in front of us slowing?"
"i think there was a beaver."
"a beaver?"
"well, i'm not sure, but it was black and low."

it took *EVERY* ounce of willpower in my body to not reply with a Gary Coleman remark. rocky has permanently ruined me as a person.

if anyone's wondering, there were a bunch of math people in my car because we went on a [mini] group excursion to cade's cove to go hiking. i followed floyd with another carfull of math people there...christ is driving behind your advisor stressful. not that it was particularly likely to happen or anything, but i'm pretty sure if you rear end your advisor's car, you don't graduate. o_O

in other news, the convention is kinda going well? i almost have a program that draws Hubbard trees (albeit not necessarily properly embedded ones) given itineraries. in related news, i kinda want to tear my hair out.

sigh. dead tired from the hike. programming and bed?

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Yay for fun at the math conference!

Huh for having to dodge a beaver instead of a deer...I saw two deer crossing I-77 the other day, that was freaky.

I think you'd still get you ph.d. if you accidently rear ended Floyds car...however, if it was on purpose ;-)

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