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i'll return to a state of normal after dec 3...hopefully...
*everyone in the math department, for whatever reason, keeps asking if i'm going to use a projector/transparencies/board while giving my orals talk. i have absolutely no clue. little do they know i still haven't figured out what to talk about yet, and probably wasn't going to set it in stone until thanksgiving break...i think this is not a good sign, as it implies that everyone expects i should have something by now. D:

i'm really, *really* hoping that not having to constantly grade, or clean up the apartment, or think of some errand i was supposed to be doing while out will buy me some mental clarity in getting work done while in rva. what i'm more certain will help is definitely the time pressure to get shit done. either way...*crosses fingers* o_O

*i kinda haven't talked to mike in a while...but i guess this is normal. he expressed annoyance at whenever people bother him excessively to see if he's ok or not, so i've kinda left him alone...but i hope he's figuring shit out and doing alright. :/

on a brighter note, though...

*n00bs have been initiated in rocky...and they're all using their cast nicknames on the listserv. it's super adorable :)

*i have new roommates lined up for next year! we probably will start looking for a new place after finals. i'm super excited, esp since i initially was going to look for a 1BR...but this will make things probably a lot cheaper. huzzah! :D

*this month would have probably been a gigantic ball of stress and annoyance had i not had someone to cuddle with through all of it. (w00t oxytocin?) i guess i'm still figuring things out since this situation is still novel to me and all, but this is likely the happiest i've been in a while.

off to work for now, though. maybe one of these days i'll pass for a pseudo-acceptable graduate student...


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