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26 October
i exist. need ask more?
90s alternative rock, abnormal psych, agnosticism, ap lines, apple, autumn, awkwardness, bacon, bad ideas, bad movies, bad music, baking, bare feet, bargain hunting, being poor, biking, blacksburg, blue, bondage, bright colors, caffeine, calculus, cartoons, carytown, chai, chess, chocolate, chuck taylors, cinnabon, circle packings, clever tshirts, college life, colorguard, complex dynamics, connecting, cooking, corsets, costuming, cover songs, crocheting, cuddling, dance dance revolution, ddr, deep conversations, depression, drawing, duct tape, education, epic failure, excessive profanity, facebook, farmers' markets, fishnets, food network, functional analysis, gardening, goldstar chili, grad school, guitar, hanging out, hickies, hiding in the corner, hokies, horrible jokes, hugs, in the groove, indie, instant gratification, introversion, jeans, karma, katamari damacy, kissing, kittens, lady gaga, liberals, lolcats, love, lulz, macs, making it through, making love, mashups, math, mathematica, maymont, missing the obvious, mountain dew, mp3s, murphy's law, music, n00bs, nerds, ninjas, not matching, numbers, old school video games, otters, outback cheese fries, packrats, pants, penguins, people who are genuine, pho, pink shoes, plaid, platypi, powerthirst, procrastination, psychology, punk, puppies, pwning, queen, rain, randomness, real analysis, recycling, reddit, rhps, richmond, road trips, rock, rocky horror picture show, sandals, sarcasm, satire, sewing, sex, shiny things, sleep, snow, south park, squirrels, stepmania, sucking at life, sudoku, tasty food, teaching, tedious things, teh internets, the hives, three day weekends, thrift stores, tolls of madness, velcro, virginia tech, vt, winter, xkcd