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c-c-c-combo breaker!
i just realized it'd been a few months since my last post. further, average number of lj posts per month last year? 1. this year? 1/3. regular writing fail. :x

anyhoo, figured i'd stop in for a revelation: for the longest time, i've used my lj to bitch about problems and day to day life. (or occasionally share something random or awesome...but perfectly honestly, most of my entries since undergrad have been emo. you should know, flist.)

granted, i could be bitching about grad school, or money, or the apartment situation...but, the advisor seems to be happy, the budget seems to be coming together, and if things go well this week i'll have found a place to move to in about 2 months. plus, i've been far too busy spending time with rod (he's way too awesome and i'm a lucky girl :3), cooking lots of delicious food (om *all* the noms?), and teaching my students (sometimes frustrating, but otherwise, precisely what i want to ultimately do with the rest of my life) to take the time to complain.  in other words...aside from some minor snags, life is pretty good--and i've been too occupied with enjoying things to whine. huzzah!

how are you doing, flist?


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